To say I’m a writer would be the right thing to do but it feels so uncomfortable.

Order of things is such that with “labels” come certain prejudice and expectations, and if anything I hate to be boxed and labelled.
Therefore, I will say that I’m a person wording thoughts and emotions, taking photos, and sharing them with the world hoping that those that need to be touched by them will be reached.

I believe that we don’t get to choose things that move us whether that is art or events in our lives.
I feel everything is happening with a purpose of us growing into what we are meant to become.

For more down to earth note

I’m full-blooded human consistent of unique madness that makes me one of a kind.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a colleague.

I love gardening, taking long walks in nature, cooking and baking, cutting the lawn, and doing barbeque.

I love fantasy and fiction in movies and novels, anything that can take me away from reality and help me daydream.

I love philosophy, chewing on thoughts and theses. I love good debate when it makes me take a different perspective on things.

I don’t have a problem with admitting I’m wrong, but if you catch me at the bad time, I will rip your head off before considering a different point of you. (Editor’s note: This is true)

I’m flawed as anyone, with all the weaknesses of an average human. But I don’t lie, I’m honest to the core because I don’t see any point in feeding illusions that will sooner or later kick me back in the arse.