The reality is –
that there is no reality.

Reality is a big bubble
made of all this different
little bubbles
that occasionally touch each other.

Reality is an illusion made of
millions of illusions
that come together at some point
creating a feeling of connection,
the sensation of the same reality.

Realism, empiricism, idealism,
rationalism, egoism, materialism …
so many -isms we created
but non that would truly capture
the complexity of human perception
of reality.

We tend to simplify things,
box and label everything.
Is it out of fear
of not being on top,
and understanding
how everything works,
or is it pure vanity so one
can have its name next
to the label?

Acceptance of not knowing
is the hardest thing
for it creates fear.
To fill the void,
and take away the fear
we came up with so many things,
so many truths and realities
that number of stars in the sky
looks like a very small thing.

Will we ever really know,
or are we bound to choose
between the truths,
given as such,
so we don’t lose
our mind?


 ~ Iva