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Reality Is …

The reality is –that there is no reality. Reality is a big bubblemade of all this differentlittle bubblesthat occasionally touch each other. Reality is an illusion made ofmillions…

A Thirst Quenched With a Kiss

There wasn’t much leftafter the wind becamea breeze again,and rain turned into vapor. Eclectic sensationssharpened by the yearsof expectationsslowly found their wayinto the light of day. Was it…

They Think They Know

Perception and truth

The Twilight Hues

Nature inspired poem

The Dance Of Avatars

There are things we feel and cannot say,light and darkness that cross our way.In the storm of emotion and thought,lies crafted in words to mask the soul. Gold…

Free but in Chains

Social commentary

There Was a Time

There was a timewhen the eye could only seethe enchanting hues of green.In the meadows and trees,riverbanks and fields.The incantation of life was sungunder the morning sunfilling the…

To Make You Mine


Existence In A Change Of Seasons

Inspired by Spring

The Realm of the Dead

The end without an end