There was a time
when the eye could only see
the enchanting hues of green.
In the meadows and trees,
riverbanks and fields.
The incantation of life was sung
under the morning sun
filling the air with the fresh scent of
blossoming flowers and the trees
sprouting leaves.

There was a time,
but now the innocence was gone
for the eye got old,
and spirit has scars on its soul.
The struggles of life to sprout,
the strength and energy it took
to create a beauty in this world
became the only thing it would see.

Behind the green,
and all the colors of Spring
entwined in harmony
of everlasting striving
all life is bound
to create a miracle of love.

The body was sat on the wet grass,
feeling the cold of the earth.
Eyes were closed
leaving the spirit to wander
in the wasteland of an unseen world.
The healing that came,
with an absence of pain,
the peace and the tears
washed away all the fears.

The eye saw, what the spirit felt –
the magic of creation
and love in its essence
that made the foundation of the world.

There was pain and suffering,
sadness and longing
but the love that nature gave
healed the heart of loneliness and shame.

There was a time
when the eye was blind
chained to the causality of the mind.
Now, eye and spirit are bound as one
witnessing and feeling
the miracles of life.

~ Iva