And they think they know life,
all self-assured in their
learned image of the world.
But little do they know
that the truth lies
in the eye of the beholder.
So many eyes,
so many truths.

They think they know life
surrounded by sweetness and silk.
Raw is the truth of despair
denied by the greed
and decay.

I thought I knew life,
young and naive as I was,
but little did I know
until I drunk the bitterness
of denied existence.

They think
but do not know
what are the hues
that life holds.
Nothing is at it seems,
and sometimes
the truth lies in our dream.

We think,
but do we know
just how fragile
is the life we hold?
If we knew
would we care,
and let kindness
lead the way?

The day will end,
and the new one will come
but will we have
different eyes
to perceive the truth
one more time?

~ Iva