Intense and disturbing, overwhelming and eluding 
are the feelings she stirs in you. Not one at a time, but all at once.
Your body aches and goes — Oh no! But your lips, and more— Hell yeah!

You’re struggling with your physical endurance,
not the erection
but the bones, the flesh, the muscles, and cells that make your physical self.
She is young, much younger than you, riding on her sexual prime like a dandelion seed on the wind.
You cannot not want her all at once — 
her lips, skin, her touch, and her eyes.
Her breasts, so inviting and ripe,
and you can’t even think what’s there between her thighs.

On the very thought of her lying on the bed,
her body spread across the sheets as she’s typing her  with her legs swinging in the air.

She’s been cautious, more than she should, 
these past few days
for she’s been sensing that he might be feeling it as overload — 
the sex. 
It was easier to say than do, for whenever they would meet
she would lose herself, and all she could think about 
was his lips on her neck.

He did that to her, making her want him all the time.

His eyes, his lips, the scent of his skin. 
Even the brush of his hand against hers would stir 
the desire and wake up the beast always hungry for him.

You know that you’ve lost, long before she reached down
between your thighs to touch your jewels as you smiled. 
You’re lost to that kiss — the touch of her lips
so sensual and wet that made you reflect
on your desire and need for her 
‘cause there is nothing you wouldn’t do
to make her tremble with delight and scream for you to stop.

Time has no place in the room when they’re together. 
The absence of air is such that it arouses a desire 
for a northern breeze just to keep down the heat — 
before they turn into flames,
and all that would remain is the red ashes of their flesh 
while the bones would stay white, 
lying as silent witnesses of their love which cost them their lives.

A perfectly strange match they were — 
coming from two different worlds, and different times,
but everything about it seemed so right.

“Whatever brought us together took its time but, in the end, did a good job!” that is what she would say after a wild session of sex, 
thinking how this would be the right time to light a cigarette,
if she smoked, that is.

~ Iva