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Goals and Commitments in Life

I always admired people who would set a goal for themselves and then stick to it. For me, there were never any goals in life. There was merely…

Cotton, Wool or Silk

We, of today,are not the same.Cuddled, scared, burned,hated, and lovedwe face the worldcreating illusionsto survive. They give usdifferent eyes,the woundswe’re trying to hide.Cotton, wool or silk,long nails and…

They Think They Know

Perception and truth

Free but in Chains

Social commentary

Void Without the Colour

A tail of loss

A glimpse of life, a shred of thought, existence in grey #1

Everything changes, even the heart of man Standing on the shore with her feet buried deep in the gravel, she observed. Liquid silver, that is how the sea looked…