Everything changes, even the heart of man

Standing on the shore with her feet buried deep in the gravel, she observed. Liquid silver, that is how the sea looked like this evening. The tender wind creating wrinkles on its surface giving it life. The surface is an illusion, life lies deep underneath, hidden from the eyes of man. Any way the wind blows … so goes the verse in a song. Sea is neither calm nor wild, it is what the wind and the currents make of it. It is the moon that creates the tides, not the sea by its own choice. She felt that she was like the sea, shaped by the outside winds and the currents within her. It has been a year since she stood here shattered into pieces.

Life, or that what she knew as life, came tumbling down because of one very simple truth — everything changes, even the heart of men. She remembered the feeling of helplessness, panic and despair being masked by her subconscious to protect her from that truth, to prevent her from losing the ground beneath her feet. Just as well, she thought, standing here, thinking about everything that had happened over the past year. She learned that, whenever lost for words, ˝It is life˝ seems to be the only thing to say. It somehow covers all, good and bad in life, and everyone seems to stop for a second to feel the weight of those three little words — IT IS LIFE.

She became strong enough to accept the truth, to accept the fact that forever does not exist. Now, she was on a journey to discover life for what it really is.

The beauty of revelation begins by admitting and accepting that we are ignorant. Then our eyes, mind, and senses become clear of all the rubbish put upon us in a form of expectations and we are free to experience things as they are and not as they should be.

Love, she thought, is something that she was ready to experience.

Memories, a bittersweet symphony of emotions …

~ Iva