You’re a secret,
intoxicating and overwhelming craze.
I whisper your name,
letting each letter slide down my tongue
in a slow sensation of shivers
running down my spine
revealing places on my body
where your lips will be.
A thought that comes to life
with each twilight.

That one moment in time,
the sigh after you move your lips from mine,
the shiver brought by your touch
to make me strive,
the look in your eyes that will steal my soul,
the moment you will make me whole.

The need for you
is ripping the threads of my self-control.
Slow, intense desire,
dripping madness out of focus,
spirit levitating between worlds
of endless possibilities
where you remain the only object
of my bleeding passion,
severing my being.

In this existence of pain and pleasure,
the right measure is
how much we can take
before we break.
Both light and dark
the song of our love between the sheets,
heart and passion together
in one sensual kiss.

The secret of mine you may well be,
but you bring to light the very best of me.

~ Iva