A view from within a tunnel on a children's playground.

To have different eyes is to see the world through a lance of a camera.
~ Iva

Photography was an escape from reality I was trapped in.
Once I started I couldn’t stop clicking. Almost everything could make a great photo if taken from a different perspective.
It was a game of discovering what works as a photo while trying to capture a moment in time, unique and unrepeatable, in the world that was so beautiful and interesting if one had eyes that are ready to see.
I was playing and enjoying myself which led me to writing poetry

Photos posted here are mostly taken with the phone camera, and some with the Sony NEX-F3.
Mobile phone was always with me, no matter where I was while the Sony camera was introduced to me by my husband few years ago when I started taken photo walks. Which I like more? I really can’t say.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here 🙂