There will be light,
someone said,
well, not today,
not for me anyway.
Shades and “places of sin”,
where apparently everything begins,
offer more satisfaction
then the warm caresses of sunlight.


Keep your shoulders up when you walk, pay attention to how you talk, always be polite and smile never say what’s really on your mind — 
because no one cares, ’cause it’s all bollocks anyway.

To put the world in one word, what would it be? Could you do it, if it would set you free? Crafting a word, or finding it between the stars, diving into the Marianas Trench or climbing as Everest high.

In the end, it’s all the same, for you will waste your life searching for something that cannot be found. Oh, they will tell you, that you can
do anything that you want, whatever you set your mind to, you can do!
But it’s a lie — by who’s rules, and how can you reach the goal, and what’s the price of it all?

Idealism is a slippery floor, which we regularly polish to make it shine.
What would happen if you wouldn’t slip, and you would actually reach 
that ideal state of existence?
Could you bear it — absence of your mum’s nagging or your colleague bragging, spilling coffee all over your shirt, cold bed while in your birthday suit?

Tried different things in my day, went here and there, ended up nowhere.
Taken a few different paths of philosophy, religion, and art. It’s all very similar in the end, it’s all a product of the human race. We didn’t change so much
since the dawn of time, and I’m sure that’s nothing to be proud of.

Like everything, I would say, balance is needed for a happy end — 
Choosing the darkness instead of light, silence rather than the murmuring of the crowd. Solitude as a blessing, contemplation as an old friend waiting.


There will be dark,
someone said,
well, not today,
not for me anyway.
The only light
I will always find
is that
of my own shine.



~ Iva