It was a thought of freedom, an attempt to give it meaning and sensation,
a subtle difference in perception and comprehension, the aspiration that has no end, only duration in pain.
From the beginning of time, there was earth, and there was sky. Both enchanting, mysterious, inviting, and wild.
It was never an easy task to chose either of them for escape and strive.
Unreachable and deep, promising oblivion in shades of beryl and sapphire, a glittering mist of water vapour creating shelter for dreams. The scent of not yet fallen rain, a touch of wind in one’s hair. In its vast halls, one can get lost, escaping the restraints of the world. The warmth of the sun and magic of stars, a cushion of clouds in an immense sky.
The Earth — strong, heavy, moist, and raw spreading its body as far as the eye can see. A cacophony of sounds, a symphony of smells, a sensation of touch and season of taste. Breathing and growing beauty on every step, despair, and fear screaming out of existential relay. A caretaker of all that breathes in the soil and under the trees.
Free to wander Earth’s lands and seas, yet bounded by one’s mortality. The weight of existence is eased by sensations that make the heart sing, giving meaning to pain and misery.
In the sky, safe from the shackles of the world, light as a feather can be, existing in the ether of possibilities that touch only our dreams. Beautiful but lonely is the land of dreams, keeping us apart from the touch and a kiss.
Free as a bird in the sky, but even eagles come down to nest and die.

~ Iva