How do you start a poem about love? 
How do you put in words all the sensations and sighs? 
I want to write about the universe of feelings, and millions of stars I see every time we make love.

I need to put all that into words but I fail, for the words that the world knows are too weak and poor to paint the canvas of my love for you.
Thousands have tried throughout millennia to describe, paint and sing about it, the feeling of total and utter surrender to another, 
indulgence of lust and passion, cravings that drove man to madness while burning with fire to be touched, kissed, stroked or licked by the object of their desire.
They are all wondrous creations but they just scratch the surface of how I feel when you are near.

The sensation in making love is beyond anything I can describe, and God knows I’ve tried.
So now, I’m leaving it all aside, hopefully to find some other dimension in this space and time, that could have the words that our language is missing, but which we feel in the core of our being.

~ Iva