Nature doesn’t work in straight lines,
nor does life.

My action is reaction to your action 
sweet and short – banging heads against the wall.
Communication as a major problem
adults at the level of toddlers.

We play, not to tell, game is the aim
trick or treat but roil in deep.
Notion of fraction, a chemical reaction
to kiss and touch we love too much

Must have
must go
must blow 

“Be the input but hold the reaction”,
best advice for emotional dysfunction.
Consequence equals unfamiliar 
feeling invincible, riding a bicycle.

High heels 
short skirt, 
too much lipstick
bad perfume.

Branded clothes and mobile phones,
empty stomach from all the loans.
Nothing is real the world is a nightmare
pretending to be a dream, telling us what is real.

Long walks, deep breaths, warm socks, lazy ways.

No news, no TV, build our own make-believe.
Long night talks and heart-full laughs, 
writing  and taking snaps.
Sweet red wine or dark strong beer,
Blues & Jazz an all soul remedy.
Making love all through the night
suppressing the screams and sighs.

Before was better, so they say
I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t there.
All I know is here and now, 
all I know I have to try
to make this world a better place 
and leave my mark upon this page.

~ Iva