Now, after everything has been done I see the scars. I feel them in every one of us. It’s not something we wear for show, not something we want others to know. It’s the subtle change in our being, perception changes along with our emotional integrity. Some people can’t hide the change, it radiates from them, you can see it in their face, sense it in their words and attitudes. Others can’t handle it too well so they clam up into themselves, trying to find the way to cope. It’s the fine threads of our heart and soul, along with the legacy we were given as our own that mold our lives and make us suffer, and I came to wonder — how did the world ever come to be, if the pain is the main common thing?

I refuse to accept that we are here just to share the pain, but the undeniable fact remains, we bond best when sharing the pain. Empathy is a gift and a course, if your self-preservation isn’t strong you are easily drawn into the pits of other man’s personal hell. But even in hell we grow, for some veils are taken off, the veils that cloud our perception leaving us crippled with prejudice we don’t even understand. With the pain, it always goes in two ways, either you learn from it and grow, or you give in to bitterness and fall deeper in your own despair putting on even more veils.

We can say what we like about the scars, but we all carry them in the best way we know how. It’s not something we are meant to judge, for each person grows in its own time.

~ Iva