Of all the dreams,
hopes, and fears
that collided,
it’s faith that decided
what will become
of this broken heart of mine.

In an angel’s grasp,
seeing the dawn
in his eyes,
I shed a tear
for all that will never be.

Putting dreams to rest,
walking the path 
of “never again”
I gained a gift of love,
to overcome,
those shackles of mine.

Just as a river comes 
to its end,
and conjoins into something
greater than itself — 
I dived into the depths 
of your being,
crumbling to the very 
essence of me.

one step at a time
we entwined
our beings into love
making each other 
grow and shine
under the dust 
of deception and lies.

Of everything
I could have dreamed
there is nothing
that could compare
to the beauty of this love, 
that you have brought
into my life.

Of all the dreams,
hopes, and fears
you were the one thing
I could not foresee.


~ Iva