Two sides to every story, 
that is the glory of the Universe, 
that in its essence, is giving us the feel
that things aren’t always what they seem.

Hope is a thread we reach for 
when things become hard,
warm sensation around the cold heart,
feeling that is keeping us alive, 
pushing us forward in our lives. 

Hope is a light, hope is a bliss, 
hope should bring us peace.
Every light can turn into dark 
bringing shadows on our path. 

Hope that doesn’t encourage action 
is hopeless in every fraction of it’s meaning 
and it becomes opposite to what we are dreaming. 
It seems like a paralysing venom in our life 
that is keeping us tight in the wrong place at a right time. 

Like make-believe, hope is a fable, 
sweet and light promise of leisure.
Nothing happens by itself, 
it’s an illusion that we have to break 
in order to take life into our own hands 
and put hope into its rightful place.

Hope is a thought that stimulates action, 
but it doesn’t work if it’s not practiced 
by taking small steps to make a change in ourselves, 
making US the HOPE we aspire and desire.

Life is motion, it stops for no one.
Hope is a power driven by desire of the heart 
striking the very foundation of our life.
Hope always, but with measure 
for life is not a fable 
but a masterpiece of our own creation.

~ Iva