You love yourself in me and I love myself in you.
We love all the things we are not in the other,
embracing them with love and respecting each other.

Feeling comfortable to be who we are,
spreading our wings freely to fly.
Finding encouragement and support 
in each others eyes, 
getting solace when things turn bad and we fall.

Existence isn’t always easy, we also change with time,
but as long as we are talking and sharing with one another, 
I know we’ll be fine.

Walking through life with you by my side,
world seems like a beautiful place.
Things change, and so will our love
but I feel it will only grow stronger in time.

Love is not something you buy, and say — 
I own it therefore I know.
About love you learn all your life, 
and you hope you don’t get it wrong.

Love has many faces, it means a lot of things.
But there is a person who shares your values,
who shares your dreams.

Everyone starts with the illusion of love 
and what it supposed to be,
how should it look like and how should it feel.

Blinded with illusions, robbed of an inside into our being,
we’re walking the line of love thinking –
we know how it supposed to be.

Burden of expectations, falls feelings and interpretations
we drift through the mist of relationships 
looking for a guidance in the world.

Often, searching for the light in others we hurt ourselves.
The light we need is within us, shining brighter then day.

It takes time to see that, but that is the way life goes,
it teaches us we have to love ourselves first
for one cannot love in reverse.

Deprived of the guidance in loving ourselves 
we easily lose our way,
the world is cold as much as we make it,
so let love be your daily agenda, 
your rule and your anchor.

In your carrying and loving hands
I’m learning about myself so much every day.
I’m loving you, the way you love me, with all that I am.

It’s with you inside me and me inside you, 
I really see no other way,
rhythm of giving and taking with utmost affection 
through every night and day.

In the end, please tell me just this –
Isn’t that how love should be lived?


~ Iva

By Iva Hotko on September 12, 2020.

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